Our Tanning Guide

How to Apply

Perfect for Every Day Use, follow our easy-to-use Tanning Guide below!

  1. Apply a generous strip of Aussie Bronze to a section of your skin. E.G. Calf – Just below your knee to just above your ankle.
    1. Apply a strip of Aussie Bronze to the next section of your leg. E.G. Thigh – Just above knee to just below your hip.
    2. Continue to apply Aussie Bronze in same the way over the rest of your body, or parts you want tanned.
  1. Gently smooth over your body as you would moisturiser. E.G. Horizontally and vertically. Feather down over feet and hands.
  1. Use sparingly and skim over any areas that are prone to dryness, discolouring or creasing. E.G. Knees, ankles, elbows, neck and armpits.
  1. Allow 1 minute (touch dry) before dressing.
  1. Wash your hands with soap or hand wash to remove any excess Aussie Bronze from your fingers and hands.

Our Handy Tips

Shake your Aussie Bronze bottle well before applying.

Be cautious as Aussie Bronze may wear off on light clothing or towels.

To remove, simply wash Aussie Bronze off with a sponge and body wash.

Don’t be afraid of the dark colour when first applied, it will blend into your skin’s natural tone!

Apply generously to dry, clean skin.

Get out the door looking gorgeous and confident with your Aussie Bronze Tan!

If irritation to your skin is caused – discontinue use immediately.

Feature on Aussie Bronze

  • Upload your before & after pictures, application pictures or your night out pictures, we want to see them all!
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