Ingredients: Nourishing Oils & Butters
We use sustainable, recyclable materials for our packaging and our padded mailers are made from recycled materials and most often upcycled
Our Mission
Aussie Bronze has been created for men and women who want a natural glowing tan and love being healthy from the inside out. Our mission at Aussie Bronze is to give tan lovers a healthy alternative to fake tan, that delivers great results instantly and is toxin free for your body.
Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Can Aussie Bronze be used on the face?
A: Yes, it is safe to use on your face.

Q: As there is just one shade, how does it work with different skin tones?
A: Aussie Bronze is a mineral formula, which naturally adjusts to your skin’s natural tone.

Q: Am I able to get a darker tan with Aussie Bronze?
A: Yes! You can intensify the colour by layering Aussie Bronze. Ensure the first layer is totally dry before applying the next layer. For best results, apply in one generous layer.

Q: Can Aussie Bronze be used on very sensitive skin?
A: Absolutely. Aussie Bronze does not contain DHA whatsoever (not even in a natural or organic form), which often reacts to sensitive skin. Aussie Bronze is also Non-Comedogenic; it will not block or clog pores.

Q: How does Aussie Bronze colour if it doesn’t contain DHA?
A: Aussie Bronze colour is formulated using the finest cosmetic/food grade oxides and natural Mica’s.

Q: Are there any hidden nasty ingredients in Aussie Bronze?
A: NO! Aussie Bronze is a plant based, natural tinted moisturiser for the face and body. For more info, please refer to our full list of ingredients.

Q: Is there parfum in the ingredients?
A: NO! Our fragrance is a blend of essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

Q: Will Aussie Bronze rub off onto clothes?
A: When completely dry to touch, Aussie Bronze is transfer resistant. As with all body bronzers and self-tanners one should always be a little cautious when wearing white or other light coloured materials

Q: What happens if Aussie Bronze gets onto clothes?
A: Aussie Bronze will wash out. Just wash clothing as normal, following garment washing instructions.

Q: What happens if I sweat?
A: Aussie Bronze is water resistant. However if you sweat or are wet and rub with a dry towel/cloth the product will come off. Aussie Bronze is designed as a wash-off product.

Q: Will I look orange with Aussie Bronze?
A: No, Aussie Bronze is not made with any form of pigments that cause anyone to look orange.

Q: Will my hands or feet look dirty like fake tan?
A: No, you can feather Aussie Bronze down onto your hands and feet for a natural look.

Q: Like other bronzers, do I require a mitt or gloves to apply?
A: No, for best results apply Aussie Bronze as you would a moisturiser; pump a generous strip of the product onto the section of your leg or arm and then continue in sections over the face and body.

Q: Do I need to exfoliate before using?
A: No, The Aussie Bronze formula is nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

Q: Does Aussie Bronze get streaky?
A: Should you find there are streaks, this will be due to not having applied enough product. Simply remove the product after application with a damp dark coloured cloth and when the skin is completely dry, re-apply with a more generous amount.

Q: Does Aussie Bronze use any animal products or animal testing?
A: Absolutely not! Our product is vegan and we will never…ever test on animals or use any ingredients that have.

Still have questions?

As a kid, all I wanted to do was to make and create...

I used to make face masks and hair treatments from eggs, oats and beer, yogurt, honey and lemon - usually something I’d seen in Dolly magazine. I loved everything MESSY.

I was obsessed with tie-dyeing. The simple idea that you could tie a knot in a shirt and dip it into a bucket of colour and it would come out with a cool, funky pattern, fascinated me.

I stained walls and floors in the process and when I turned my hand to Batik Art, I melted wax into mum’s good iron. Mum gave up pretending it was ok for me to make all this mess with my craft, so I moved my keenness for creating into the kitchen.

Cooking for the family was just as messy and chaotic... I moved through kitchen cupboards extracting ingredients to experiment with different textures and flavours.

It was the measuring, the tasting, more measuring and finally bringing all the elements to the table that gave me this delicious satisfaction. I was a mixer and a stirrer at heart.

You’d think I would’ve been a chef?

Nup, chef life wasn’t for me (but I still love cooking for my family and friends)

Let’s fast forward what would be many years later... young teenage daughter, Peri, wants to start using fake tan.

Was she kidding? After all the natural soaps we made together? The face pastes? The strawberry skin creams? What about the citronella mozzie oil we made last summer?

But being a teenager, she insisted on wanting to wear her miniskirts with tanned legs and that was that. At the time I couldn’t find anything on the market that felt natural and safe to use. So of course, I went into potion-making mode and started the search for natural, toxin-free ingredients to make my very own formula.

A formula that would inevitably result in hours and hours of testing and trialling.

There were many conversations to be had with cosmetic chemists and suppliers to source the finest ingredients of butters, colours and oils (no orange thank-you!)

Then I measured and I mixed, and I stirred.

I trialled and tweaked, then trialled and tweaked some more.

Then finally, I had the exact measurements and the perfect formula.

Aussie Bronze was here.

Peri, loved it. And as the word got out, the orders poured in.

I made it for Peri then and I continue making it today for a whole community of health-conscious, earth-loving folks.

Aussie Bronze was initially created and produced in my kitchen at home.

But as the demand grew high and the mess grew higher, I enlisted help and moved the whole production with a team to a local warehouse where it’s still produced today for Aussie Bronzers like you and me.

We also now have warehousing in England, Canada, Denmark and Sweden to service our oh-so-jealous, global customers.

When I’m not thinking or mixing, I’m meditating or doing yoga to keep a calm mind and healthy body. My passion for ethically sourced and environmentally safe products continues to drive me and inspire the way I live.

I love to travel for new ideas and inspiration and I’m still that kid who loves to create (just a little less messy).

I believe everyone deserves a good feeling body.

Being tanned makes us feel healthy and reminds us of summer.

It’s more than a colour. It’s a feeling.