Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Aussie Bronze be used on the face?
A:  Yes, it is safe to use on your face.

Q:  As there is just one shade, how does it work with different skin tones?
A:  Aussie Bronze is a mineral formula, which naturally adjusts to your skin’s natural tone.

Q:  Am I able to get a darker tan with Aussie Bronze?
A:  Yes! You can intensify the colour by layering Aussie Bronze. Ensure the first layer is totally dry before applying the next layer. For best results, apply in one generous layer.

Q:  Can Aussie Bronze be used on very sensitive skin?
A:  Absolutely. Aussie Bronze does not contain DHA whatsoever (not even in a natural or organic form), which often reacts to sensitive skin. Aussie Bronze is also Non-Comedogenic; it will not block or clog pores.

Q:  How does Aussie Bronze colour if it doesn’t contain DHA?
A:  Aussie Bronze colour is formulated using the finest cosmetic/food grade oxides and natural Mica’s.

Q:  Are there any hidden nasty ingredients in Aussie Bronze?
A:  NO! Aussie Bronze is a plant based, natural tinted moisturiser for the face and body. For more info, please refer to our full list of ingredients.

Q:  Is there parfum in the ingredients?
A:  NO! Our fragrance is a blend of essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

Q:  Will Aussie Bronze rub off onto clothes?
A:  When completely dry to touch, Aussie Bronze is transfer resistant. As with all body bronzers and self-tanners one should always be a little cautious when wearing white or other light coloured materials

Q:  What happens if Aussie Bronze gets onto clothes?
A:  Aussie Bronze will wash out. Just wash clothing as normal, following garment washing instructions.

Q:  What happens if I sweat?
A:  Aussie Bronze is water resistant. However if you sweat or are wet and rub with a dry towel/cloth the product will come off. Aussie Bronze is designed as a wash-off product.

Q:  Will I look orange with Aussie Bronze?
A:  No, Aussie Bronze is not made with any form of pigments that cause anyone to look orange.

Q:  Will my hands or feet look dirty like fake tan?
A:  No, you can feather Aussie Bronze down onto your hands and feet for a natural look.

Q:  Like other bronzers, do I require a mitt or gloves to apply?
A:  No, for best results apply Aussie Bronze as you would a moisturiser; pump a generous strip of the product onto the section of your leg or arm and then continue in sections over the face and body.

Q:  Do I need to exfoliate before using?
A:  No, The Aussie Bronze formula is nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

Q:  Does Aussie Bronze get streaky?
A:  Should you find there are streaks, this will be due to not having applied enough product. Simply remove the product after application with a damp dark coloured cloth and when the skin is completely dry, re-apply with a more generous amount.

Q:  Does Aussie Bronze use any animal products or animal testing?
A: Absolutely not! Our product is vegan and we will never…ever test on animals or use any ingredients that have.

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