5 Top Tips For Aussie Bronze

5 Top Tips For Aussie Bronze


Get a burst of Aussie Sunshine with our natural, organic, and DHA-free body bronzer which is perfect for anytime you need a hit of instant colour!

Aussie Bronze is the perfect instant-glow suitable for all skin types and will have you looking like a bronzed goddess in no-time! And…at the end of the day, it simply washes-off in your next shower, what could be easier than that? Try our tips below to make the most of your Aussie Bronze…

1.  Exfoliate 

It’s not essential but skin always looks smoother and more radiant after a good exfoliation. Use our “Cleanse & Glow” Exfoliating body wash to remove dead skin cells and pat the skin dry before applying your Aussie Bronze.

2.  Use Aussie Bronze as a Moisturiser

Gently smooth Aussie Bronze over your body as you would a moisturiser, applying it horizontally and vertically over your body. It will leave your skin with a pop of colour which smells great and is nourishing at the same time!

3. Work in Sections

To make the most out of your bottle of Aussie Bronze, it is best to work in sections to ensure the colour has applied evenly. Apply a strip of Aussie Bronze to a section of your skin, such as the calf – just below your knee to just above your ankle. Then, apply Aussie Bronze to the next section of your leg such as your thigh, and continue from just above the knee to below your hip. Repeat on both legs, working your way upwards to the chest, neck and arms. The great part – if you’re only exposing your legs just do your legs, or you want tanned arms – just your arms! So easy!

4. Don’t Apply too much over Dry Areas

Use Aussie Bronze sparingly over any areas that are prone to dryness, discoloring or creasing. These include knees, ankles, elbows, armpits and over the neck. If you need to, just remove with a damp cloth and start again!

5.  Allow your Aussie Bronze to dry before dressing

Wash your hands with soap or hand wash to remove any excess Aussie Bronze from your fingers and hands, then gently pat dry with a towel. Allow at least 1 minute drying time until dressing so the colour doesn’t transfer on your clothing.