Fake tan vs Aussie Bronze

Fake tan vs Aussie Bronze

It wasn’t until the 80’s when Aussie’s were told to slap on a hat and slop on the sunscreen
did we first realise the effects on our health that sun tanning can have.


Over the years the preference for the old Coconut Oil lotion has been replaced
by the use of Fake Tan (lotions and spray tans). We went from the beach or
tanning bed to the spray booth with glee!
No UV means no sun cancer right?


Fake tans when applied properly look great, but at what cost to our body and our planet?


Since the 1980’s we have learnt so much more about...well everything, but specifically the effects of chemicals
on our body and the environment.
Fake tanning relies on a chemical reaction
within your skin as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) combines with amino acids and proteins
found in the skin to create the colour of the sunless tan


Now, some 40 years later we need to evolve again to promote using non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan and all natural products.


Bronzer - Just like the kind you apply to your face, body bronzer slims, defines, and darkens.
Apply it to pale skin for a temporary tan glow or to already sun-kissed skin for an airbrushed effect.


The best part is that unlike with self-tanners, you don’t have to worry about streaks or discolouration.
If you don’t like the result or you were a little too heavy-handed during the application process, it’s as easy as
washing the product off with soap.


Are you starting to see why celebrity makeup artists swear by it for the red carpet?

It just makes your skin look better,"
explains celebrity makeup artist,
Sir John, who is the one-man force behind Beyoncé's supernatural on-stage skin.


Aussie Bronze

Fake tan

Free from DHA

Instant tan (no developing time)


Organic ingredients

Washes off in shower

Transfer resistant (clothing)

Moisturising & nourishing

Ideal for sensitive skin or those that are allergic to any form of DHA

Apply before or after laser treatment

Keeping your cosmetics and skin care as close to nature as possible is always the best policy.
There are so many hidden nasties and potentially harmful chemicals that pose the possibility of an allergic
reaction and affect your immune system in other ways.


Sticking to a natural, organic bronzing product like Aussie Bronze, with ingredients that love your skin,
is the only way to keep your skin safe and allergy-free all year round.


Aussie Bronze is packed with nature’s finest plant based ingredients.

Find more info on our Ingredients here.



Aussie Bronze

Created to give tan lovers an instant tan that is healthy, natural and safe for everyday use!