Santa on his beach towel

Not another Bloody Beach Towel

It’s the day before Christmas, and I’m wandering around Kmart, blurry-eyed and lethargic. I’ve done hours of aimless shopping, and this is the end of the road.

I’m in my twenties, and as usual, my savings are burning dangerously low at this time of year.
I need two cheap presents that look like I’ve put some sort of thought into. One for my sister, who can be a little judgemental about gifts and will 100% compare monetary value between giving and receiving. The other one is for my friend Sally, who lives behind my grandparents. I see her every Christmas day, and we always swap a gift.

Surely in this massive warehouse of bright lights and endless aisles, there’s got to be something.

I walk past crepe makers and pot plants, photo frames and clocks.

Nothing stands out.

The store announces it will be closing in fifteen minutes and advises us to make our way to the checkout.

“Oh, somebody, please help me”, I desperately utter to the shopping Gods if firstly they exist and secondly, they’re listening.

I’m close to tears.

I start walking faster, head snapping right and left as I pass aisles. Scanning shelves…

Recipe books…cushions…monopoly…bags…

goggles…boogie boards…beach towels…

Beach towels!


Everybody needs a beach towel for summer, right?
Another beach towel if they already have one?

And look at this, a swaying palm tree print in green for Sally and a cool Aztec design in my sisters’ favourite colours! Perfect!

Sigh. I look up and silently thank the gods.

My mood lifts. I skip a little then charge to the checkout…I AM DONE

In the years to follow, beach towels would become the generic present I would gift for birthdays and Christmas in my circle of friends and family until everyone had one.

A thoughtless, lazy present that took the stress out of thinking.

I WAS TOTALLY OFFENDED whenever I received a beach towel as a present.

Double standards, I know, but still, it was just another bloody beach towel.

I’m older now, less selfish, and a little more cashed up, but the pressure of buying gifts is still real.

It’s no longer about just spending an acceptable amount of money on someone.

I’m prepared to do that now.

But unless we’re following heavy hints from our loved ones, do we ever really nail their personal preferences?

Do we really know our friends?

You buy your girlfriend a pair of earrings. You swear she’ll love them, but she never wears them.

Or the beautiful top she tried on the minute you gave it to her. “OMG, I love it,” she says. Never to be seen again.

Maybe that’s why we tend to buy general things like candles and skincare.

Sure, they’re a safe bet, but we use them.  

They satisfy our gifting heart because it’s something we like to receive for ourselves.

Shampoo, conditioner, treatment.

Cleanser, toner, moisturiser.

These bundles of beauty hold the promise of having shinier hair, fresher looking skin.

They make us feel beautiful and cared for.

I’m telling you this because I have something for that girlfriend this Christmas that will save you from mindless last-minute shopping.

If she’s still hiding her legs in jeans and cringing cause summer’s here again, she’s going to love getting a present like this.

It’s the gift of confidence.

You know she imagines herself dressing up for poolside cocktails, feeling fun and flirty – a gentle breeze blowing across her legs as she laughs and captivates everyone around her.

It’s the gift of Aussie Bronze.

Aussie Bronze beauty bundle is a present you’d be proud to give her because you have thought about her, and you know anything to do with looking gorgeous is going to be a winner.

The beautiful packaging will be a stunning addition to her bathroom shelf, ready for her to use any time she wants that radiant, sun-kissed look.

You can tell her that Aussie Bronze is natural and organic and won’t streak or run.

And you can promise her she won’t go orange!

Even if you know she’s faithful to her “tanning nights”, Aussie Bronze still has a place in her life for the times she’s in a rush and wants an instant tan that looks good and smells fantastic. No sticky, sickly residue.

Aussie Bronze also blurs imperfections and gives skin a fresh, hydrating glow!

Everything she wants to be is in this bottle.

Buy separately or gift her with an Aussie Bronze Bundle

  • Bronzer
  • Body wash
  • Mitt

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The Aussie Bronze team is already in full Christmas swing, so all orders need to be placed by December 10 to ensure delivery by Christmas day.

Well, that’s it from me this year!

Wishing you and all the Aussie Bronze babes out there a Happy Christmas and trusting we all have a positive and productive year ahead.

Merry Christmas!

Sacha xx

PS Beach towels today are nothing compared to the thin, cheap rectangles we used to sunbake on. Now there’s Turkish towels, circle towels, hooded towels and even towels made from bamboo. I’ve made peace with the idea now that a gifted beach towel can represent generosity and thoughtfulness…

But still, don’t get me one, Santa! I mean it!