Prep now for Freedom Day 2021 (aka How to get your skin back to it’s A-game before the summer season arrives)

Prep now for Freedom Day 2021 (aka How to get your skin back to it’s A-game before the summer season arrives)

In some areas of NSW we are into our 17th week of lockdown since the arrival of the Delta variant in June.  For us in the Hunter Region it has been 7 weeks, and let me come clean here, I can honestly say I haven’t worn deodorant more than once in that time. Not to mention the fact that my moisturising, shaving and tweezing routines have all been thrown out the window too. Phew, I’m so glad to get that off my (bra-free) chest!

Bring on Freedom Day in October but if you’re like me, thoughts of mingling in the workplace or your local cafe may come with a whole new level of post lockdown anxiety. Let’s make a pact to get our skin back to it’s A-game and hit the streets feeling fresh, confident and empowered.

Let’s start with them pits

Simply put, sweating is good. Our body sweats to self regulate its temperature and to release toxins. Antiperspirants contain aluminium which is drawn into the cells and line the armpits, causing sweat ducts to swell and squeeze closed so that sweat cannot be released. Let’s just pause and rewind that … aluminium blocks your sweat ducts when absorbed into your skin… no way! If it’s blocking sweat it is also blocking release of toxins, and at the same time adding more chemicals onto your skin. It can take up to six weeks after your last antiperspirant use for toxin build up to be released from your pits, which is often why new converts to natural deodorants think they don’t work (ok, it’s me. I didn’t think they worked)

Natural deodorants like Pure Deo Co do not contain aluminium. Pure Deo Co Detox Deodorant assists your body to release toxins that have built up over years in a fast and gentle manner. Bentonite Clay used in this product behaves like a magnet to those heavy metals trapped in your pores. Activated charcoal detoxifies and absorbs toxins aiding a neutral PH level under your arms. Other ingredients neutralise bacteria while you detoxify so that you do not experience unpleasant odour in the process. Now that means not everyone has to go full monte detox like me! Of course now I am ready to try their Rose + Pink Clay 

Pits sorted.

Lockdown has been hard on our skin

For the first 3 weeks of working from home I totally stopped using moisturiser. To be honest when I went from night-time pj’s to daytime pj’s and only really had one Zoom check-in each day I barely even wanted to brush my hair. But when the winter dryness set in I soon reached for the drawer, only to find my moisturiser was all but empty!  I have used each and every sample pot and motel freebie moisturiser in my bathroom vanity. Not to mention my pores were clogged and menopausal/mask acne had set in! I need an intervention! (oops, giving my age secrets away there)

Firsty, thank goodness for click n collect. Newly purchased moisturiser collected and I am ready for an at home spa afternoon. But first, sigh, I need to clean the bathroom.


Tip: Get in the tub for this, fill the bath, draw the blinds, light the candle,
put on your fave Spotify playlist. You know you deserve it


Exfoliate and gently polish your skin with  Aussie Bronze Naturescrub® 

Made from Carnauba Wax which is eco and sustainable. This fabulous new body wash is enriched with jojoba oil and sunflower oils to nourish your skin, plus it smells delicious with our naturally derived coconut and lime fragrance.

It's important to exfoliate every single inch of exposed skin; tummy, back and arms included. A damp loofah is a fabulous option if reaching your own back is a bit of a mission, not all of us are gymnasts! Apply pressure in small circles switching between clockwise and anti-clockwise to remove those dead skin cells still grabbing on for dear life.

An extra step for your face 

Apply a purifying mud mask and lay back to soak. I like to use AHAVA Dead Sea Mud Mask. ‘A unique blend of purifying Dead Sea Mud, minerals and natural extracts, this mask deeply cleans and detoxifies pores for a fresh, even complexion. Get beautifully clean, dewy skin with AHAVAs mineral-rich Dead Sea mud mask. Dead Sea Mud helps soothe very dry, dry and sensitive skin. Absorbs excess oils as it soothes and hydrates for a radiant complexion. Horsetail extract helps to soothe skin with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba oil helps to nourish and moisturize skin.’

Dry body brushing

To boost circulation and remove any dead skin cells, dry body brushing is another great habit to incorporate into your skincare routine. Use a dry loofah and rub it in circular motions moving upwards on the body. It helps to keep skin soft smooth, while diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite if used over time.

Shaving and tweezing 

We definitely don’t want a repeat of Movember 2020 so ladies you know what’s got to be done in this space. Get out your magnifying, ring lit mirror and tweeze/wax/shave like crazy. DO NOT wait for the beautician to reopen, no one needs to traumatise the children any more than home schooling already has. I repeat - pull them hairs out!


Pamper and revitalise your face and décolletage with serum. Small drops of magic potion I call them. I found one I love at Nourished Life called Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil.  ‘Clinical studies show that Rosehip is effective at improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines as it is rich in concentrated trans-retinoic acid, a derivative of Vitamin A that converts to beta-carotene and is known to help naturally support the skin. It also has a high concentration of essential nutrients which feed the skin, helping it to look clear, healthy and vibrant, including 100% natural Vitamin E (from Sunflower), which is known to assist in the visible reduction of sun damage and in improving the skin's overall texture and elasticity.’  

Moisturise - inside and out

Skin is 64% water. Water plumps up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to, more or less, get filled in. What’s more, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively, says Julius Few, M.D., director of The Few Institute and clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago.

Water supporting collagen - it's the organic lip filler, who knew?

Aussie Bronze Tan is your go-to moisturiser

Gently smooth Aussie Bronze over your body as you would a moisturiser and then head out the door feeling confident and tanned with a healthy glow. Aussie Bronze Tan gives you a gorgeous bronze glow, instantly and with no developing time.

FREEDOM! Go forth and picnic in the park, coffee with a friend
or head back into the office knowing your skin is at it’s best!

LOVE the skin you're in