Prep Your Skin For Spring

Prep Your Skin For Spring


Winter skin is definitely a real part of life; we’re talking about dry, flaky skin that clings like winter with all its might. In order to embrace the warmer incoming weather, follow our simple steps below so your skin is glowing when that warm weather hits!


Everything becomes softer, smoother with a good exfoliation! Your makeup sits better after exfoliation and your body just feels smoother after exfoliating. Don’t go too overboard with scrubbing your skin until it’s glistening from within. Weekly exfoliation is ideal since it keeps your pores clean and stops them from clogging. An easy, quick exfoliation for your face: Use lukewarm water and muslin cloth over your face in circular motions for best results.  For your body, try our gorgeous Cleanse & Glow exfoliating body wash. Made with natural ingredients and walnut shell to polish and renew your skin.

Drink up

A big part of fabulous skin on the outside, is to keep hydrated on the inside. As the weather starts to heat-up over the next few months, it’s important to increase your water intake; especially if you work out on a daily basis. Keeping hydrated is the number one way to keep your skin looking it’s best, combined with a healthy diet.

Always use an SPF

Nobody likes a burn courtesy of the sun – it’s painful, it peels and it can cause greater problems such as melanoma if you’re heavily exposed to harmful UVA/UVB rays. Instead, use an SPF 50+ which will keep your skin protected from the sun for long periods of time. If you do plan on a swim, make sure your SPF is water resistant – we’ve learnt this one the hard way!

Cleanse daily

In order to gently remove the dirt and grime from your face, it’s important to cleanse each morning and night. The general rule when it comes to cleansers is that they shouldn’t leave your face feeling tight and dry afterwards. If this is happening to you, the cleanser you’re using is probably too harsh for your skin type. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards to lock-in hydration.

Get the glow

We all love feeling a little tan during the spring, so finish off your spring skincare routine with Aussie Bronze. Our formula is organic, vegan, free from toxins, and all the other nasty stuff so you get a safe summer glow! Apply onto clean, dry skin and enjoy your instant tan! Best part? It washes off in your next shower.