Top Tips For Your Skin In Winter

Top Tips For Your Skin In Winter


When it’s COLD outside, our skin becomes dry! Most of us live with air conditioning AND that means DRY, SCALY skin – EEEK!

Our skin can be dry,  hair dull and a lifeless – and it’s hard to fight back against the fly-aways and the chapped lips.

But don’t despair… Follow our TOP TIPS below to get you through the winter season, looking and feeling your best!


Remember to exfoliate. All important to remove the dull, dead skin cells, especially when it’s really dry. Making your skin smooth and polished. Try our New! Cleanse & Glow Exfoliating Body Wash… Yum! Remember to add your Glow (below)


Overdose on lip balm. It protects your lips, keeps them kissable and acts as a barrier against the harsh, wintery conditions. Check out our fave… PureDeoCo also the BEST natural deodorant!


Use a good hair treatment weekly. Your hair is always exposed so make sure you give it as much TLC as possible. Try making your own with warm coconut oil! Or check out Naturally Safe Cosmetics  for great natural products!


Keep your feet & hands soft and supple with a emollient rich cream. Try this Nappy Balm and Wearing socks and gloves to bed is amazing for your feet and hands albeit a little weird for your bed partner – be prepared for laughs!


Not just in winter…but beautiful white teeth always. Have you tried the awesome natural and hilarious Magic Mud the activated charcoal that whitens and brightens?


Remember you always feel healthy with that Summer Glow …so, don’t skip your AUSSIE BRONZE!  Not only will your skin be soft and smooth but it will give you a radiant glow, reminding you that summer is just around the corner!