Why trust that Aussie Bronze is Eco and Ethically friendly?

Why trust that Aussie Bronze is Eco and Ethically friendly?

How do you decide which new beauty product is right for you? Beauty products that make you look and feel good on the outside and also give you all the happy feels on the inside are worth your research. My vegan friends head straight to the website to seek out not only what the ingredients are but also what the brand’s ethics and sustainability values are.

Read on for some great reasons to trust Aussie Bronze with your body and planet. For more details check out our new Ethos page

Our Philosophy

“Aussie Bronze was founded on the search for the safest, purest, most natural ingredients I could find and trust for my own daughter’s use. My passion for ethically sourced and environmentally safe products in my own life inspired me to create a natural bronzer that is safe for people and the planet.” Founder, Sacha Roberts.

Our mission at Aussie Bronze is to give tan lovers a healthy alternative to fake tan, that delivers great results instantly and is toxin free for your body.
Our formulation and branding are gender-inclusive and suitable for all skin types. Mineral based colour blends to your skin's natural tone.

Founder and mum Sacha Roberts developed Aussie Bronze after trying to find a safe self tan product for her teenage daughter to wear. The fake tan smell, stickiness and orange colour was motivation for Sacha to come up with a bronzing formula that was good for your skin, gave you natural colour and survived a splash in the water until washing off in the shower.


Safe For People

Created using only the finest organic and natural ingredients, perfect to be worn as an everyday tinted moisturiser for your face and body. Our natural ingredients nourish your skin, giving you a tan that is GOOD for you. Leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and gorgeously bronzed. More info

We are proud to have been a finalist in the 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards.


Safe For The Planet

We are 100% cruelty Free - ingredients used in our products have not been tested on animals.
Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from Australia and communities around the globe.
Production happens within Australia to keep our carbon footprint low. Aussie Bronze was initially created and produced at home in Sacha’s kitchen. Now our manufacturing, production and warehousing is performed by a local contractor within 50km of home and only in small batches to ensure product freshness. Local enough for hand delivering products to Hunter Valley customers.

We have warehousing in England, Canada and Denmark & Sweden servicing our global customers, reducing unnecessary multiple overseas deliveries.
We are committed to researching and sourcing the most reliable and functional sustainable recyclable materials available for our packaging. More on packaging


Our Ingredients

Above and beyond organic certification, we conduct a stringent internal auditing process for all raw materials received. They must be active, viable and used in concentrations that are results driven as opposed to label claims.

Our nourishing oils & butters include:
+ Avocado oil* - a rich, nourishing oil that is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins that helps restore moisture to dry and damaged skin.
+ Sweet almond oil* - a gentle, nourishing oil suitable for all skin types (especially dry and sensitive ones). Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids, it helps to soften and nourish the skin.
+ Sunflower oil* - a light oil with high levels of vitamins A, D and E as well as essential fatty acids helping to soothe and replenish skin.
+ Shea butter - contains high levels of vitamins and essential fatty acids which helps to improve skin elasticity and revive dry skin.
+ Cocoa butter - packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids. Cocoa Butter is moisturising, nourishing & healing.

Our beautiful colour comes from food grade oxides that are responsibly sourced. Naturally sourced fragrance from mother nature’s purest ingredients. Full list of ingredients


Natural and organic ingredients are becoming more popular for their positive health and environmental impacts. But it takes both consumers and brands to take action to protect people and the planet. The beauty industry is responding to consumers by making eco-friendly products and packaging a reality for those who love their beauty products, but also love the earth. Products made without toxins aren’t just better for you, they’re better for the environment. Becoming a bronzed Aussie is as natural and healthy as it sounds. Aussie Bronze #SUNOPTIONAL

LOVE the skin you’re in